Logan and Dave | A folksy treehouse wedding | Treehouse Point, Issaquah, WA

A couple of weeks ago was my birthday. Normally, I ignore it. I mean, as adults we don’t get to have sleepovers where we stay up late sneaking twinkies and talking about boys. It’s just another day. This year was a little bit different though. This year, I worked on my birthday. Taking photos is one of very favorite things to do anyway, but lets just take a moment to have a look at what I was photographing. This year, I got to photograph a wedding just outside of Seattle, WA at a place called Treehouse Point. But wait – it gets better. My couple was the sweetest ever, their 1st dance was to one of my all time favorite songs (Postcards from Italy by Beirut), they had a live bluegrass band called Dysfunction Junction (I know!), not one, but two of my most amazing former brides and grooms were guests, so we got to hang, and did I mention treehouses in Washington State!?! Best. Birthday. Ever.



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