Sometimes you need to escape. Sometimes you need to remove life’s distractions so that you can concentrate on the important things. Things that are right in front of you everyday, but somehow get lost in the midst of iPhones, TV’s and computers. Things like the sounds of your children playing, long evening walks with your family, card games, fireflies and apple pie. So this year to celebrate the fourth of July, we did. Our dear friends Chis and Jill invited us to share a cabin up on a mountain in Virginia. No cell signal, no wifi, no TV, just us to entertain each other amidst mountain streams, wild raspberry bushes, and a legit Mayberry Independence day parade. We baked with our children, explored the Appalachian Trail, filled water bottles with fireflies for the littles to use as night lights, and stayed up far too late with wine, playing cards and good friends. Technology is great, but we all could use a little radio silence every now and again.



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